Data in the lab of the future, The WTW IDS Gate – An open system for GLP-compatible data handling in the lab

Tuesday, 28th September, 2021, 10.00 AM - 11.00 AM CEST.

Every modern lab poses the question whether working with a lab logbook is still keeping up with the times. In the course of digitalization of data, the handling of documents as hard copies is more and more frequently questioned and in times of COVID 19 and “the Home Office”, the decentralized evaluation of measurement data is becoming even more important. While the “Internet of Things” in the form of various Smart Home applications has already begun to enter our private surroundings, for many labs, digitalization is still at the beginning. In this webinar you will learn about future-oriented data management of electro-chemical measurement parameters for the direct connection to database systems using an open REST API. On the basis of user experiences the needs and possibilities of the practical realization are explained and open for discussion.